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StraArt (Street Art) is taking our culture to the streets of our city, the StraArt Festival will bring together our Love for Art, Hope, and Music!

Falko Fantastic

Award winning and global icon Falko Fantastic got his start in the world of street art in Cape Town in the late 1980s, before South Africa’s first democratic elections. His family was uprooted from their home in District Six in Cape Town and forced to remake their lives in Mitchells Plain. He was just 16 at the time when he was asked to paint a school wall in Mitchell’s Plain. Falko Fantastic talks about graffiti as a kind of fate in his life. Today his impact is not just recognised across South Africa but he has achieved international acclaim. Falko Fantastic is truly one of the Grand masters of South African street art but hasn’t forgotten the heartbeat of the streets or the power and humility that can come from a can of spray paint.


Seth known as Seth One is a Cape Town based artist that is skilled in many disciplines such as design, illustration, photography, graffiti and street art. Mainly a mural artist in the Cape Flats, Seth’s work can be seen all over South Africa. He has been creating art for several years and has quite a reputation for his fantasy pieces of frogs and other animals. Seth often bases his work on the theme of freedom, and he focuses his time on creating beautiful murals that uplift and enhance the challenging and often crude environments that he chooses to work in. The artist plans to progress as far as he can in his form and accomplish as much as he can as an artist. He likes to quote the great Michelangelo, who once said:  ”… I am still learning…”

Wayne BKS

Is an urban visual artist who uses various mediums: vector & digital, graffiti, wheat pastes, and hand screen-printing. He goes under the alias "Conform" with his vision to bridge street art and graphic design. As a graduate in Art Direction and Design, Conform discovered his core style while he was in college around 2002. It was about bringing design elements into traditional graffiti which was a form that he pioneered being one of the few implementing this style. He has focused on developing robot characters; with a minimalist African/ South American feel. He also exhibited at a number of galleries and has featured his work around the world.

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