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RLabs House and Gallery – First Thursday’s

October 31, 2022

And so we gear up once again to address the community of Westridge with some visual and performative inspiration from our local creatives! Our fourth exhibition at the RLabs Gallery House will commence @ 17:30 on November 3. We are expecting to attract even more of a crowd this time around. So, feel free to stop by, grab a coffee, network with those present, and help us fill the streets with HOPE.

We want to make a big noise for our local creatives, with a cadence of celebration! The more we celebrate them, and the more who are there to witness, the more residents we’ll inspire and mobilize to take their dreams more seriously. And this is the point of all of this. In addition to creating opportunities for existing artists, it is simultaneously an effort to inspire the next generation of creatives. Not only is the art on display, but our media team is operating, our baristas are brewing and our speakers are orating. These are all pursuits that can inspire others.

It is truly an exciting time to be alive, despite all the less-than-desirable global affairs at play. We are in a time where anything is still possible and the means to explore are widely available if creativity and sheer drive are exercised. This is one of those events born out of pushing the envelope. It celebrates those who dismantle & reconstruct boxes and inspire others to “doubt the default” as well. A decade ago, possibilities were not this widespread, and situations weren’t as dire either… It is truly a unique moment in time.

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StraArt Exhibition


StraArt Exhibition

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Five months ago, the First Thursday’s events were confined to the streets of Cape Town and Jozi. Now the first fringe community is included, opening this popular stage to many more artists. This mild rebellion is meant to make others question what is possible if we challenge the status quo and practice “intelligent activism,” as Ready D put it.

There hasn’t been a more perfect moment to create a stir and rile up the dreamers in our midst. If we want to create widespread change, we’ll need more creatives and thought leaders from our communities. We’ll need everyone we can get. And this event helps us do just that.

Let’s align and maintain this momentum, expand our horizons together and show up for those like us, who may not yet realize they have it in them. Think of it as showing up to support (or inspire) a younger you.

We hope to see you there!

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