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Grow Your Vision

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Grow Your Vision

RLabs House is a boutique destination with a luxurious touch and pieces of art that draw inspiration from the best in Cape Town design and culture

It's The Small Things

SethOne's captivating celebration of culture and art reminds us that even the smallest gestures hold remarkable power within the tapestry of daily life. This vibrant exhibition showcases how each brushstroke tells a story. Each piece is a testament to the beauty found in life's details, shaping our communities and fostering profound connections

The small things
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The solo exhibition "Confluence: The Art of Coming Together" by Dion Cupido brings you to experience the magic as Dion's stunning creations weave stories of unity and connection through vibrant colours and intricate details.

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Experience the seamless fusion of art and nature, as IamHendrik's lens captures the essence of Cape Town's diverse landscapes. The exhibition transcends traditional photography, inviting you to feel the breeze, hear the waves, and witness the vibrant colours of the South African terrain.

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Living in Colour

Living In Colour Exhibition celebrates our one year Anniversary as an Art Gallery in Mitchell's Plain. Our Living In Colour Exhibition is about celebrating each artist, team member, community members and everyone else who has walked through that gate over the last year. It's to celebrate our diverse culture and heritage that comes from Mitchells Plain.


The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling’s journey started in 1972. He was born in District 6.
Moving to Westridge, Mitchell’s Plain- after the mandatory ousting from District Six in 1975, he now believes that it was the perfect educational and social exposure that helped develop his understanding of graffiti.
Thirty-five years ago, Falko painted his first graffiti artwork in Westridge. It was on the doctor's surgery in Silverhurst road, however the artwork was not completed.

the ugly duckling.jpg

State of Reality

We are thrilled to announce a collaboration with The World Art gallery, featuring a solo exhibition by the world-renowned artist Dion Cupido. The exhibition is titled ‘State of REALity,’ the exhibition aims to blur the boundaries between reality and perception, exploring how one person’s dangerous ghetto can be another’s place of safety.



This exhibition celebrates the life and work of the late saxophonist and Mitchell’s Plain resident Basil “Manenberg” Coetzee, whose family were forcibly removed from District Six to Manenberg.

Music Beyond the Flames

“Music Beyond the Flames”, showcase the salvaged memorabilia from Grandmaster Ready D's lost vinyl collection with a music experience by Grandmaster DJ Ready D & G-CAP Featuring Artists: Falko One, Dion Cupido, SethOne, Bradley Bailey, Da Beard, DJ Eazy, DJ Azuhl and You Our community.

jou ma

Jou Ma Se Stereotype

This solo exhibition by Dion Cupido explores perceptions of identity, of how we relate to others and the world we find ourselves in.


StraArt (Street Art) is taking our culture to the streets of our city, the StraArt Festival will bring together our Love for Art, Hope, and Music!


Where Art & HOPE Meet

Come experience art, coffee and community with us at the newly launched RLabs House & Gallery where you will explore the work by some of the best Cape Flats artists and photographers within a Mitchell’s Plain one of a kind venue.

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